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Why Choose Us?

We offer  physical therapy for pain resolution and physical rehabilitation that offers participants overall wellness and healing rather than symptom management alone for conditions such as:

  • Complex Chronic Pain 
  • Non Specific Low Back Pain
  • Whiplash/Cervical Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines/Headaches
  • Failed Surgical Syndrome
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Balance Issues
  • Gait Disturbance
  • Posture Dysfunction
  • Limiting Beliefs 
  • Trauma
  • Stress

How We Can Help You

Using applied neuroscience including Associative Awareness Techniques we provide you with understanding of the underlying causes of acute and chronic physical symptoms.  We provide education and insight regarding  how past trauma and adverse  life events affect the brain (central nervous system) to generate unwelcome physical symptoms in the body.  In addition to offering strategies for  symptom management we teach our clients  how to give  healing inputs to their brain from which the disturbances in the body  arise. Your brain can learn new patterns and responses and YOU CAN HEAL.

Utilizing  techniques personalized for you, we work to create balance within your nervous system producing an environment within your body where healing and a better quality of life can occur. We believe that you deserve to both feel well and be well.

We Make A Difference

We help you to  comprehend and appreciate that  your brain is  the "commander in chief of your body".  We understand  how your brain reacts during trauma, injury and sustained stress. We have knowledge about  the development of emotional associations such as fear, anger, helplessness, frustration and sadness in relationship  to your  chronic condition.

Recurring  inputs to the brain and resultant repeat brain patterns  account  for the symptom patterns that you suffer from.  WE CAN HELP!

Knowledge  of the brain/body connection along with use of  easily applied tools allows for resolve of  unwelcome and often debilitating physical symptoms to  create healing and overall wellness. 

Traditional therapy used in tandem with Associative Awareness Techniques offers powerful healing and restoration for your body. 

Our Offerings

Guidance Toward Overall Well Being

Restorative Breathing Practice, which calms the nervous system, is taught as a foundation for healing the body. 

If desired we offer connection to other resources in the community who can provide support for your overall well being. We believe healthy eating and meditation practice/relaxation techniques contribute to overall wellness.


Education for Brain/Body Awareness

You will learn how Chronic Conditions begin and end in the Human Brain. The Human Brain is a super computer. Your Brain (Central Nervous System) provides instructions for every function that occurs inside your body. Your Body is in constant communication with your brain, every second of your life. Your brain receives and analyzes a staggering amount of information each moment. Your brain provides specific instructions to every tissue, organ and system within your body. All of your life experiences are processed in the brain and impact your body.  

Your Body is NOT the CAUSE of your condition!

In the Central Nervous System, protective responses are ignited during times of sustained  stress, injury or trauma. Muscle tension is one such response. 

Many of you with chronic conditions suffer from persistent tension to your shoulders, neck, head and back despite having had  treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and  massage.....

Treatment causes you to feel pretty good... for awhile. Then, the symptoms come back. Why?  If the muscle is the problem, and you treat the muscle... why do your symptoms return? 

Because the muscle is NOT the problem. Your muscles are simply responding to instructions being sent by your brain. For those of you caught in this protective cycle,  your symptom patterns return no matter what you try because your brain continues to send instructions of protection throughout your body.

Through physical therapy you can receive education and awareness that will allow you to find lasting resolve of your symptoms. 

Traditional Physical Therapy

Diane is an expert regarding  balance and gait problems. She understands and treats diverse neurological and orthopedic problems. She is capable to guide you to overall fitness and wellness. In addition to Associative Awareness Techniques, she  provides diverse traditional physical therapy services: 

  • *Gait training 
  • *Balance Training
  • *Relaxation Techniques
  • *Neuromuscular Re-education
  • *Myo-fascial Therapy
  • *Kinesio Taping Techniques
  • *Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • *Pre-surgical Rehabilitation

Our Team


 Diane has been practicing physical therapy in Rochester for 33 years. She currently continues to work in Home Care and has past experience working at Strong Memorial inpatient units for 11 years,  outpatient rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, nursing homes and  assisted living facilities. 

She desires to see patients healed and restored to their maximum potential for wellness. 

Use of Associative Awareness Therapy  (AAT) for healing is her passion as she is certain that this offers potential for a lasting  solution to chronic pain and other physical symptoms. AAT also expedites the  healing of acute symptoms. 

Diane  has  personally overcome chronic pain, indigestion and insomnia using AAT techniques.  She has seen family members recover  from debilitating anxiety issues through use of AAT and has seen her clients recover from pain, balance issues and orthopedic conditions.

It is her hearts desire to support your journey to healing and wellness. 

    She has a personal interest in overall wellness and practices healthy eating and meditation. In her spare time she makes the outdoors her playground.  She enjoys rock climbing, boating, hiking, cross country skiing and snow shoeing.  She has a passion for music which finds her daily playing the guitar and singing.    


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