Patient's Tell

"Diane has explained terms  that I can understand  how the mind/brain can affect the body to both create chronic pain symptoms and to resolve chronic symptoms. Diane provided  me  with mental and physical exercises that help me to resolve my pain and balance issues. She gave  me pertinent books to reinforce and further explain the principles she taught me. These exercises and readings have become a part of my daily  life.  I am very excited about my new path of hope."     Rich B.

"I found Diane to be extremely compassionate, encouraging and knowledgeable in her approach to patient care.  She does more than treat just the current injury or problem; she helps the patient understand how to minimize the pain and maximize the healing process. Diane  devotes 100% of the allotted time to the patient, whether it's talking, hands on treatment or teaching. I recommend her without reservation."      Susan S.

"Being a middle aged women with multiple kids  it can be tough to maintain personal health. I went to Diane for help to rehabilitate my knee, but instead of taking the classic route which was helping me only on a physical level, Diane put in  the time and effort to help me to understand the neurological as well as  physical perspectives for healing  my knee pain. I  can whole heartedly say Diane has improved my quality of life. "       Zahre W.